John List price Gielgud "DEAR BRUTUS" Ursula 1941 Oxford Dare Zena Jeans Oxford,,/estevin124504.html,Jeans,Gielgud,John,,/,BRUTUS",Dare,$27,Collectibles Fine Art , Entertainment , Programs,"DEAR,Zena,Ursula,1941 $27 John Gielgud "DEAR BRUTUS" Ursula Jeans / Zena Dare 1941 Oxford, Collectibles Fine Art Entertainment Programs $27 John Gielgud "DEAR BRUTUS" Ursula Jeans / Zena Dare 1941 Oxford, Collectibles Fine Art Entertainment Programs Oxford,,/estevin124504.html,Jeans,Gielgud,John,,/,BRUTUS",Dare,$27,Collectibles Fine Art , Entertainment , Programs,"DEAR,Zena,Ursula,1941 John List price Gielgud "DEAR BRUTUS" Ursula 1941 Oxford Dare Zena Jeans

John List price Gielgud

John Gielgud "DEAR BRUTUS" Ursula Jeans / Zena Dare 1941 Oxford,


John Gielgud "DEAR BRUTUS" Ursula Jeans / Zena Dare 1941 Oxford,


Product description

This is a rare June 23rd, 1941 programme (playbill) from the Provincial Tour engagement of the JAMES M. BARRIE comedy "DEAR BRUTUS" at the New Theatre in Oxford, England. (The revival opened January 20th, 1941 at London's Globe Theatre. This tour began in June 1941.) ..... The play starred JOHN GIELGUD as "Mr. Dearth" and the cast included NORA SWINBURNE, MARY JERROLD, MARGARET RAWLINGS, URSULA JEANS, ZENA DARE, ROGER LIVESEY, GEORGE HOWE, RONALD WARD, LEON QUARTERMAINE and MURIEL PAVLOW ..... CREDITS: Book by JAMES M. BARRIE ("Peter Pan"); Sets designed by RUTH KEATING; Directed by JOHN GIELGUD; Produced by H. M. TENNENT LTD. ..... PROGRAM DETAILS: The 16 page program measures 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" inches and includes full production credits, cast list, synopsis of scenes and wonderful vintage advertising, but no cast photos or bios. Includes a portion of an advertising herald (front and back sides shown in the fourth and fifth scanned images) mounted inside the front cover and a photo of Ursula Jeans (I believe) glued to another page (last scanned image) ..... CONDITION: With the exception of a tear in the bottom edge of the cover, the start of a split at the top seam and light soiling on the cast page and the cover, this playbill is in excellent condition and will make a wonderful addition to the collection of any theatre aficionado or historian. This item will be carefully packaged in a protective, carded sleeve and backed by stiff cardboard

John Gielgud "DEAR BRUTUS" Ursula Jeans / Zena Dare 1941 Oxford,

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              # Octocat Classifier :octopus: :cat: :mag:
              ![]( ![]( ![](
              As the name suggests, Octocat Classifier is used to determine whether a given image contains an Octocat. It is trained with images from the [Octodex](1), images shared with [#MyOctocat on Twitter](2), and [photographs of laptops with :octocat: stickers on them]().
              ## Installation
              git clone
           ~/octocat-classifier gh repo create octocat-classifier
           Created repository jasonetco/octocat-classifier on GitHub
           Added remote
           ~/octocat-classifier git push origin main
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